I gotta start somewhere – and here is as good a place as any. This would be my second go at having a blog. The first one was on “blogger” and it was a pain to edit…and re-edit… and then say screw it and publish. WYSIWYG was a foreign concept to that one so you’d type something, it would look all ‘cool’, then you’d preview, and it looked like hammered dog squeeze.

It’s hard enough to write stuff that’s interesting without having to learn a new alphabet, diction, and conjugation to make it look like something more than a 2nd grader falling asleep on the keyboard.

OK, enough with all that “technical mumbo-jumbo” – lemme git my write on! I will tell you, however, although if it comes to pass you won’t see it, that if this one is half the pain in the ass the other one was, I am Soooo gonna delete it.

OK,  problem #1: I went to preview the post I just typed, and it looked good. When I came back to it, it was gone. I guess i have to update the post before previewing? I dunno but  what I DO know is THANK GOD FOR LAZARUS!! Now for more technical computer-ese – I use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. It is worlds better that IE as far as I can tell. It has a plug-in called “Lazurus”. What is SO cool about Lazurus is that anything you type onto a web page (a form, an email, a long politically charged private message on Facebook, a short, succinct, and gloriously snarky comment on Facebook, anything, really),  it remembers everything you typed on that page. So if it gets deleted or some evil befalls you, you go right back to where you were typing, click on the page, right click, select “Recover text” and THEN choose which text to recover – ‘member, I said it remembers EVERYTHING? You click on that, and WHAM!! it’s there baby! Deeyahh! Booyyeeee! Whosyerdaddy now, beyotch?!