I was kinda stuck for another post when out of the bowels of the webnet a topic reached right out and grabbed me. Lemme set the stage…

I like doing political stuff and technical stuff but political posts are always a prelude to a fight down the line. Say something like “Wow, Obama just had a brain fart and violated Article 1, section D…of the constitution” and somebody is gonna ruffle up and go at you. So political posts are never really “done” when you post them – it’s just the start of the real work. Technical stuff – nobody wants to read. But I’m gonna do them anyway cause it’s MAH BLAWG! (See Da Rulez)

What I REALLY like doing is off the cuff, kinda funny stuff. But I have a problem; my best funny stuff is a sentence or paragraph. I’m not too experienced in blog length funny. So here I sat in a quandary. What to do? I’ve collected some fairly decent stuff during my stint on Facebook that I’d like to use and when the muse is on me, I can pull a rabbit out of a hat like THAT! <snaps fingers>

But it’s gotta be “in the moment” and on FB, that’s not a problem. Click on the “what’s on your mind” box and type something, proofread (cause I type like a woman killing a snake with a hoe), and hit “Share”. BTW, “share” is one of those words I friggin’ HATE! I’ll have to do a post about words I hate and why {mental note}.

Where were we? Oh yeah…

So, I’m trolling the webbynet and I run across this video:

Dude claims he was saying “Keep plucking that chicken!” but from the looks on Dari Alexander’s face, who, BTW, was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO HIM…I’m thinkin’ ‘not so much’. I mean, that “f” bomb let a mushroom cloud right up her skirt. Either that, or somebody hit her with a taser.

Anyway, I see this vid and immediately think, “EGADS! I have a perfect complimentary visual aid to go with that!” I really said that – that “Egads” thingy…I did. Don’t judge me. Here’s the picture:

FCK sticker

HOW COOL IS THAT? I didn’t even have to make it – it was already there!

Just another peek inside my mind. This is how I connect things. Like I said – Don’t judge.