It’s pretty easy to romanticize things sometimes. But it’s a lot easier to bastardize them. The interwebnet makes it fun to bastardize things – or at least to appreciate the ability of others to do so. So, I’d like to take a subject and explore it.

Let’s do cowboys. Like any young boy, when I was nigh as high as the sty in a grasshopper’s eye, I wanted to be, among other things, a cowboy. You never really lose that kid inside totally so there are, deep in the crevices of my psyche, vestiges of the longing for the dusty trail and the beef called jerky.

I want to be a COWBOY BABY!

You know, a REAL cowboy…  ClintEastwood

Not an effeminate one that wears SoHo colors:  

Do. Not. Want. :       VP cowboy

Ummm…No. :      

…and every Lone Ranger needs a Tonto…

Yeah, I want to be a cowboy baby…