I get “Word of the Day” from Merriam-Websters in my email each day. Sometimes the word is a simple one with and interesting history and sometimes it’s an obscure word that’s nice to know. Today in more the latter than anything else and I think this word is cool enough that everyone should try to use it at least once a day:

The Word of the Day for September 20 is: 
sockdolager   \sock-DAH-lih-jer\   noun
1 : something that settles a matter : a decisive blow or answer : finisher
*2 : something outstanding or exceptional
Example sentence:
For a while I was completely stumped, but then, all of a sudden, I got a 
sockdolager of an idea.
Did you know?
The verb "sock" ("to punch") and the noun "doxology" ("a hymn of praise to God") 
may seem like an odd pairing, but it is a match that has been promoted by a few 
word mavens when discussing the origins of the Americanism "sockdolager." Don't 
be too quick to believe the hype, however. When a word's origin is simply
unknown, as is the case with "sockdolager," there's a tendency for folks to fill
in the gap with an interesting story, whether or not it can be verified. In the 
case of "sockdolager," the "sock" part is plausible but unproven, and the 
"doxology" to "dolager" suggestion is highly questionable. The theory continues
to have many fans, but it can't deliver the knockout punch.

So go ye therefore and use “sockdolager” and amuse yourself with the “WTH” looks on your friends’ faces.