A dear friend of mine commented on a previous post where I bitched about people raising all manner of hell about stores not using the word “Christmas” anymore. She tied it to schools doing away with “Christmas” about the same time the stores did. She was against it, for the most part. I am for it, for the most part. Her comment spurred an idea for this post. Here it tis…

Quick question: Do you REALLY want the schools to teach your child the “Government Approved” version of your religion?

Readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmatic.  It started out being about that. You send your kid to school, and you want them to learn to live in the real world. They have to know how to read, write and do math. We added on some other academic areas to that some time in the past – Science, Geography, Government, Music, Art, et al. For those areas, we found teachers who specialized in them, somewhat, at least.

And then the government came into the picture. They had to make sure the people who were teaching these things were teaching them correctly. They had to “standardize”, don’t cha know. And the easiest way to standardize is not to raise the bottom to the top, but to cut the top to the middle.

This next part may get pretty close to my pine tree post, but it’s my blawg – don’t judge me.

Think about caring for your lawn. You want it to look all nice and even, don’t you? You have a little bit of tall, green, healthy grass. A lot of mediocre grass, and a little bit of scrub grass – hugging the ground and looking all like shit. What’s the easiest thing to do? Do you fertilize the whole yard trying to get it up to the level of the good stuff? No, way too much time, trouble, and money. Do you kill it all back to the scrub level? Not right now, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could? Just basically pave over the yard and paint the concrete green. But not right away, that’d be too obvious.

The obvious solution to the problem is to take everything to the middle – the median, if you will. If most of your grass is 2 inches high and a little is 3 inches high, it would be easier to cut the 3 inch stuff to 2 inches and fertilize the 1 inch stuff. So you set the blade to 2 inches, bag the clippings, and dump them on the short grass to try to get them up to speed. No shame in that, you’re doing what’s good for the lawn. Not so much for the high grass, that is, but your goal is to bring up the whole yard and if you have to take down some of the better stuff to help the lesser stuff, that’s what has to be done. Now the grass blades themselves, see it differently. The tall ones are not happy, but they are a minority so who cares? Some of the medium blades got clipped – but not too much. They figure they were only a ¼ to ½ inch too high and they lost very little in relation to their height so who cares? The grass that’s a little bit below medium is happy cause now there’s not as much difference between them and the highest blades. And the scrub grass is happy because it gets all the good stuff taken from the highest blades.

This is the aim, if not the result, of the government. It is to standardize. Regardless of what the definition of that word is, the practice of standardization is to raise the low spots to the middle and take the high spots down. That’s great if you are the one standardizing but not so much if you are the one getting standardized. Especially if you are one of the high, healthy blades. See, the aspiration of the individual blades takes a backseat to the aspirations of the manager of the lawn. This is what the founders of the U.S. were trying to avoid when they wrote the Constitution.

Alas, when Government gets involved in any social experiments, this is what you get. So government schools are basically microcosms of society in that they generally shoot for the middle.  So, they have to teach math, literature (or reading), science, “social studies”(I hate that name – another post), and the sort.

Tell me, people, why would you want them to teach or have ANY type of influence on how your kid worships? It’s funny to me that the very people that do not think that schools are qualified to teach sex education are the ones most likely to be upset that they’re not teaching some religious courses. Isn’t religion more complex than just sexual stuff? You don’t want them to even mention sex or the biology related to it but you want them to uphold your particular denomination of your religion? How the hell can they be smart enough to know the intricacies of any particular religion, when they’re not qualified to speak one word of sex, which practically everybody engages in.

OK, I’m beating a dead horse here, but let me put it this way: If you are religious, what you teach your kid about sex will be heavily influenced by your LIFETIME experiences in your particular religion. You want to make sure the kid isn’t confused by being told one thing at school and something else at home. Besides, who knows if these teachers are pervs or not and God knows what they’ll teach them. Flip the page over, and you are lamenting the fact that “they are taking God out of schools”. So, you want them to include religion in school EXCEPT the whole sex and morality part?

I’m an all or nothing kind of guy. I want the schools to teach my kids biology and botany. If they’re going to tell my kid about the pollen and pistils, or pistols and stamens in plants, I want the sperm and eggs, and penis and vagina in animals covered, too. Man is an animal. Pretty straight forward stuff. It’s science. See, I don’t have a problem with that. Even teach how sexually transmitted diseases are transmitted. But stay out of the morality of sex and the whole sexual preference thingy. You teach my kid to read. Does that mean I want you to tell him what newspapers and blogs and books to read? No. Sure, “…everybody read Billy Budd – there will be a test next Tuesday” is OK. But don’t try to tell my kid what he should or shouldn’t LIKE to read. Or whom to screw. REAL simple. I’ll handle that part.

Kinda like buying a Weed Eater from Home Depot and being pissed because they won’t come cut your grass for you. Let them do what they do, you do what you do. Like I said, do you REALLY want the schools to teach a “Government Approved” version of your religion?

Look, folks, the way the government screws things up, don’t you think it’s a lot better that they not screw up God? This is not about separation of church and state. It’s about you taking the most precious thing you will ever have – your child – and having full control over the most important thing you can teach them – your religion. I don’t want a teacher, who I may or may not know, influencing my child’s morality or sexual proclivities, or respect for others, or religion. I’ll handle that. I’m a good enough parent to give my kid all the instruction in that that they need. Are you? Do you REALLY want some bastardized government version of Christmas promoted in the schools? Do you want some teacher to promote a particular sexual proclivity that they have? Do you really want the freaking government to do everything for you?  Can you not handle some things for yourself?

Let’s just call it “Winter Break”, OK? Not Ramadan, or Chanukah, or Christmas, or The Feast Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster or anything. In the grand scheme of things, who gives a damn WHAT the government calls it. When your kid gets off the bus, tell him Merr-appy ChristmaHanuKwanzica for all I care. Really folks, find something that matters to focus your energy on.

I want moral men and women in government but I’ll be damned if I want government based on some other person’s morality. Schools, too.