I Googled my birthday. Put in “10/22/1965” and what I got was the title of this post. I thought it was cool.

Darrel Birthday baby

When I lived at home, the morning of my birthday, my grandmother on my mother’s side would always call and sing happy birthday to me. She couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket but I always looked forward to it. If I ever made it on the bus to school before she called, I would worry about her. I think that happened once. She stopped calling about five or six years ago because she died. My mom knew what it meant to me to get those calls, so instead of her telling me happy birthday when she saw me, she started calling to sing to me. That’s not going to happen this year. She died just a little over a season ago, in late June. I don’t know if anybody else will try to carry it on and to be honest, I don’t care. Maw Maw started it as a cute thing, I guess and mom continued it because it was tradition. Those two had a right – and almost a slf-imposed obligation – to do it, but I don’t want anybody else to feel obligated to try to carry that on. It’s still kinda sad, though.

If I recollect correctly, I was born at 4:11 PM on this day in 1965. Now I’m a numbers guy and always have been so even in my “yoot”, I analyzed and over-analyzed numbers for stuff. I remember when I decided my favorite number was “4”. I might have been seven or eight years old. I liked 4 because it was, to start with, symmetrical. All even numbers are symmetrical but four is doubly so. It is 2 (symmetrical) times 2 (also, symmetrical). So it is symmetrical in it’s symmetry. How cool is that? So that leads to 16, because it is symmetrical in all four dimensions – 3 space and one time. So 16 is cool, too. And if 4 is cool, then 44 is even cooler because it is not only expressed in the base-10 numerical system we use as two 4’s, but it is 4 X 11 and since I was born at 4:11, it just kinda fits. Not only that, but my birthday is 10/22 and if you add 10 + 22 you get 32 which is a symmetrical expression of 4X4 (4X4 times 2) or better yet (4+4)X4. Even cooler is 16X2 – since 16 is so cool anyway and besides, it’s symmetrical squares of 4. Note: a square has four sides – COOL!!  My teachers used to think I was daydreaming, but I was thinking of this kinda crap. Go figure.

I just realized that last paragraph really kinda explains why I thought that Google result was cool enough to use as the title to this post. I guess I always knew numbers were important. In fact, the word “number” and the word “truth” are almost interchangeable in my brain. Sometimes it takes a conscious effort to decide which word to use in a sentence. For instance, I might want to say, “He is telling the truth.” but I have to catch my mouth from saying, “He is telling the numbers.”. I rarely miss it but I figure when I get older, there will be times when I don’t catch myself and everybody will think I have some degenerative brain thingy going on. So it goes, I guess. No use arguing with them. If I try to tell them I have mixed those words up forever, they’ll see that as more proof I’m losing it. For the record, the word “fact” gets mixed in there, too. “Fact”, “Number”, and “Truth” are all the same thing in my head. It really makes sense, if you think about it. They are all three by definition unassailable. I guess it’s kinda crazy to mentally equate them, but I could argue that it’s pretty lame NOT to do so, so don’t judge.

When I was a kid, we didn’t go in for all this nonsense about giving siblings presents when one of them had a birthday. What I mean is, you know how some people will take Little Johnny’s Sister, Suzy, a present when they take Little Johnny a birthday present? I pronounce that, now, and forever more, “Horseshit”. We didn’t do it when I was a kid and I’m not totally warped. Well, any warpage is probably not due to that, anyway. I just think it breeds a sense of entitlement in kids that they have a hard time letting go of later. I think it’s another example of a good intention going bad. With all that said, if anybody reading this wants to give me a gift for my birthday and they know one or both of my brothers, don’t think you have to splurge on them – Give Me It! They can wait for their birthdays to get their own beef jerky.