The answer to this age-old question that haunts the minds of, perhaps, 10’s of people as it relates to Pi Are Squared is quite simply, “No”.

I have been very lax in getting here over the last couple of months even though I thought I would be a veritable fount of blogging awesomeness over that time frame, but I obviously miscalculated. Lemme ‘splain myself:

As I said in my last post, I’ve been on a project since late October. It’s been a very involved project as I am living in a hotel room when I’m not in the plant actually working on the nuts and bolts of the project. This means I’m kinda out of my element in that everything is “project centric”. No coming home to the wife and kids and oil changes and stuck shower doors every night. I do come home on the weekends but that amounts to me sweet-talking SWMBO into washing my clothes from the past week and me trying to be a dad and husband for a spell and then getting ready to go back about 4:00 AM Monday morning. So, the sum of the matter is, When I’m there, I’m focused on melting plastic and such. When I’m home, I’m focused on going back to melt more plastic. So if ya wanna take a stab at what my thought processes have been geared toward for the last couple of months, go ahead. I’ll wait. I’m gonna get a beer while you ponder it and be right back…

OK, I’m back. what did you come up with? Anybody come up with “political and sociological ramifications of creating a new entitlement program and calling it a ‘right'”? How about “Where the word ‘indefatigable’ came from”? Or maybe strained analogies between political theory and agricultural activity? Anybody? Well, if you did, you’re wrong. I’m kinda in a “melting plastic” mindset right now.

I know, I know, that sounds like a perfectly reasonable and exciting subject for blogging, fer sure. But, you may find this hard to believe, some people don’t CARE about melting plastic! I know – stunned me, too. You’d think most anybody would be all into the effects of crystallization in cross-linked polymers due to additives and their effect on the IZOD rating of the subsequent polymer, but I have good information that there are those who just nod off whenever the subject comes up. Figgin incredible…and sad.

So, even though I have heard or thought of many things over the last couple months that I was all like, “I’m gonna blawg the hell outta that”, Alas, it has yet to come to pass. Been mentally rat-holing some material, though.  Funny how everyday activities will lend themselves to support or challenge long held beliefs but also serendipitous.

I need to figure out where “serendipitous” came from. I could blawg the hell outta that!

See, that’s what I mean.

Anyway, I have the next week off from the project so I’ll drift ever so slightly out of the mindset. But then there’s a holiday in there so I gotta work around that. Might get a legitimate post in – might not. But I’ll be thinking of you guys!

In the mean time, if anybody wants to explore the wonderful world of melted plastic, just drop me a line!!