I wrote this and posted it on Facebook on the evening of 12/14/12 – after the school shooting in Connecticut. I should’ve posted it here that day also, but I’ve kinda forgot about this blog. I think I’m going to just copy/paste some of my Facebook posts here and maybe throw in some other posts as well.

I quit TV news years ago for everything but the weather, and then only on occasion.
Today is illustrative of why I did so. I have not had a TV in on front of me all day, but I probably know as much about what happened as someone who watched a bunch of pretty idiots on TV talk this stuff up for ratings.

I’m not out to piss anyone off, but I do want to make a point – you don’t have to watch every second of “breaking news” on something like this to know what REALLY happened. As a matter of fact, if you want to truly get the best understanding of it, you won’t pollute your mind with the incessant drivel of ignorant speculation from pretty-faced TV personalities about it. You can wait until the facts come out and deal with that then.
Today was a tragedy for a lot of people. But every day, there are heinous acts perpetrated on the most innocent. Maybe not all in the same place, but it happens. And to the people it happens to; the parents whose little girl or boy was kidnapped and killed by a predator, Dec. 14, 2012 is no worse than whatever day they suffered their loss. THEY suffered just as much as any parent today. But it wasn’t “news worthy” so it wasn’t that big a deal to the rest of the world. That is sad. I’m not trying to diminish what happened today, I’m just saying that real compassion is a 24/7/365 deal. Whatever the events of this day arouse in you, any other day is the same.
Hug your kids. Not because of 12/14/12, but because you just oughta damn do it. Thank God every day for the problems you have, because they can damn sure be worse.
I sat on the side of the interstate for over four hours last week, broke down, waiting for someone to come help me. I could’ve bitched to high heaven, but I didn’t. I kinda laughed about it. Because I don’t know much about fundamental truths, but I know this: My biggest problems last week doesn’t mean crap to 20-something families this week. I had it easy. And I thank God the biggest problem I had last week was a broke down vehicle and a nine hour deposition.
I’d hate to think I missed and opportunity to be thankful for that when so many are wishing for something twice as bad right now.
What you do because of today, don’t do because of today – do it because it’s right.