I technically posted this on Facebook on 12/17/12, but that’s only because it was alittle after midnight. Not that it matters, but it was really late on 12/16/12.

A lot of people are really hurt by what happened in Ct the other day; and by “a lot”, I mean anyone with an ounce of human compassion. And people are still hurting. And they will for quite some time. And that’s natural. It’s human.
But I want to bring up something that events such as this seem to make us forget.

Every day before, during and after that tragedy, there were some really bad things that DIDN’T happen. Some, maybe, even worse than what did.
There was a child molester that didn’t molest and kill a child or children because he got locked up and is still in jail. There was a lunatic that didn’t walk into his place of business and blow the place up because he got help with a problem instead of a bunch of macho attitude from those who held sway over him. There was a madman dictator that didn’t execute genocide on his own people because brave men and women risked it all to take him out.
There was a terrorist that didn’t kill the innocent because someone brought him to a real religion of peace…
Several drunk drivers that didn’t kill families or rip them apart because of AA or a trip to jail that “brought it all home to them”. Brakes that didn’t fail and kill a mother and her kids on the way home from school because a guy at a tire store saw something that just didn’t look right.
Thousands or millions didn’t die from polio or small pox or just the freaking flu because of the marriage of compassion to brilliance of a few smart doctors. Millions didn’t starve because of the efficiency that modern technology affords food production.
A kid, in Oregon, I think, didn’t go to school and shoot the place up because someone saw the signs and acted.

We seem to think the world is going to hell in a hand basket when things like this happen and that fact alone makes me sad. We seem to have such a large capacity for anger and hate for those who do these things, but such a small capacity for gratitude and love for those that made so many more things NOT happen.

There is a time to weep, and a time to heal. A time to embrace, and a time to refrain from embracing. Take your time. But never lose the capacity to celebrate the things that are beautiful and right. The things that DIDN’T happen. Never lose sight of the victories of good over bad.