There are 300,000,000 people or so in the US. I am one of them. So, in theory, that gives me a 1/300,000,000th’s say in what goes on.

In theory.

In reality, I’m not tied into the movers and shakers of what is REALLY going on. Even if I were, I’d be one of thousands, at best.
The somewhat rural county I live in has about 84,000 people in it. So, I’m 1/84,000ths of the power in the county – way better than 1/300,000,000. They still don’t do shit like I would like for them to do.

So, let’s look at my “town”. I live in unincorporated Walton County in an area known as Youth, Ga. I can find no population stats for it, but judging from what I can find of all the places in Walton where there is stats, we may have about 500 people in the general area. Still, I don’t get 100% of what I want. So I go smaller. Let’s get to Casa de Lazy – my house. Now THERE I have some clout, yo!

Everywhere else, I get to have a say, but no real pull. Only if what I want is what most of the others want do I even get to feel like I made a difference. But, really, I didn’t. I just supported the winning team. Oft times, I support the losing team. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. I’m an American – I’m used to it.

But I once heard that America is a nation of individuals. So, we pretty much run our own lives. We were told many years ago that political and religious and even secular organizations would try to gain power over us. We denied we would ever let it happen, but we let it happen. Right now, government and church and even sports teams and retail outlets tell us what we should do. Some use physical force or the threat thereof, some use guilt and the threat of damnation. Some use the threat of social ostracism. But if you rely on threats to “make” people do what you want, you are on the losing end of the stick. Threats don’t play well with individuals – only with sheeple.

Think about that – Who is telling you what to do? Boss? Preacher? Government official? Some guy in a commercial? You know, don’t you, that you can say,”No.”

When America was made of individuals we were strong. When it becomes a nation of followers, it will fail with the tide change. Are you ‘You’, or are you ‘Part of A Group’? God has taught you what is right, you don’t need to read it or see it on TV or the internet. You are as smart as any sonofabitch that thinks he can rule you. Don’t give in by default.

You are what you were made to be. Act like it, dammit. Quit your fatalistic whining.