We know who came up with the concept of electrical power generation – Edison, Tesla, et al…

But what about the guy(s) that made it practical? The folks who decided to take metal and draw it into a wire, then coat it with an insulator. All the generators and batteries in the world wouldn’t mean anything if not for the wire that carries the power. But what were their names?

The wright Brothers are often credited with building the first airplane. But, who was it that said to himself, “If we enclose the cabin and make it possible to pressurize it, we can DAMN NEAR FLY IN SPACE!!! faster, and cheaper and people will live through it.” Who was that guy?

Who was the guy that decided to make grocery bags smaller and stronger and out of plastic? A friggin’ genius, that’s who. But I don’t know his name.

We will never know the guy that invented the wheel, but even so, the guy that said, “A wheel is great, but let’s build two of them and put a pole between them so we can actually USE them.” Inventing the wheel was a great start, but what productive work do you know of that involves just a disconnected wheel turning out in space? I can’t think of anything. But, now, the axle or shaft is a game changer! The guy that invented the wheel was visionary, no doubt. But the guy that invented the way to USE the wheel to make things happen was the real genius. The wheel was good – the axle was great. Who was that guy?

The bottle cap, plywood, corrugated cardboard, fiberglass, the rivet, the screw, threaded pipe, disc brakes, foamed insulation, concrete and fan blades – simple stuff, maybe, but they all had to be thought of and built. Some of those things were the life-long dreams of the people who came up with them and we now throw them out like so much rubbish without a thought of the blood, sweat and tears that went into them. Is that the ultimate measure of success? That your idea will be so good that people eventually accept it as the norm and disregard it as “simple”?

The next time you get a little upset that a web page doesn’t load in three seconds, think about this – there are a couple dozen switches that flick from one position to another for you to pull up a picture of “Grumpy Cat”. Without those switches, you wouldn’t even know who grumpy cat is. Who came up with those things?