A friend of mine was disturbed by all the bullshit news going around about banning symbols of history.

For future reference, this is about the fad in July of 2015 about trying to erase all vestiges of the history of the American War Between the States, more properly known as the War of Northern Aggression, and improperly known as a civil war, which it never was. But, that’s for another discussion…

This was my response to his concerns. I can only offer my perspective, and how that is used by others is none of my business.

You know me, I like metaphors. And I also like machines and stuff. So I’m more likely than not to make machine related metaphors. Hope it makes sense…

A radio antenna picks up every radio station, every cosmic pulse, every EMF from lightning, every electromagnetic wave there is. But when you tune to a station, it blows off everything but what it’s tuned to. It does this, not by ignoring all the other shit, but by taking it in and passing it through a filter that lets one thing to the amplifier and allows all the other shit to go to ground, literally.

You might see me post some stuff about “signal-to-noise ratio” from time to time, and this is what I’m talking about.
If a radio lets too many signals go to the amplifier, all you get is a confusion of noise. Waves start canceling out each other and some add to each other but in the end, none of it means what it was supposed to mean in the first place. Basically, you end up with a sense of chaos. But you don’t want chaos – you want the signal.
What you want is ‘The Reason’.
Some signals are chaos in their own right and should be filtered to ground outright. But, some signals are reasonable until they are counter-acted by other signals which MAKE them chaos. This is what we call a clusterfuck.

A broadband receiver takes up a LOT of signals and allows you to select the one you want to deal with at one time. And as a human, you can only deal with one signal at a time and that’s OK. Sometimes you want to listen to rock, sometimes jazz, sometimes classical. You might love all of these things but listening to them all at the same time gets into clusterfuck territory – it is non-productive.
You listen to one song and appreciate it, then you move to the other. Just because you like jazz doesn’t mean you hate rock, or any other permutation. And even if you listen to some of the bullshit Autotuned country now and then, it’s just to get a feel for the extremities of the outlying bullshit – not because you love it. It’s because when you want a signal, you want very little noise. Otherwise, it’s a clusterfuck.

OK, I’ve racked the balls and spotted the One ball on the dot. Lifted the rack and hung it on the hook next to the table. Now, let me position the cue ball…

I think you see where I’m going with this – The human brain is like a computer or a radio. It receives a million inputs and gives a select output. The problem is, sometimes we try to take all the inputs at once and the resulting output will always be a clusterfuck.
Here’s a fact of life – all the inputs will always be there, all the time. Discriminate. Differentiate. Tune to one channel and absorb what it has while throwing all the other bullshit to the wind in the process. Then, tune to another channel and absorb it, likewise – bullshit to the wind. Tune to all the channels you want and absorb all you want – but one at a time. Then compare all of them against each other and, more importantly, what you already know to be true.
This is an exercise in rationally and logically processing data. Even a sewerage plant has valves that only let so much shit in at a time, because it can only process so much shit at a time. Tell me that if a man-made sewerage plant can effectively regulate the amount of shit it has to deal with, then a God made human brain CANNOT?!
That is a logical contradiction, and there is no such thing as a logical contradiction. If you ever think you are faced with a logical contradiction – check all of your premises. At least one of them is wrong.
If your sewer plant is overrun with shit, you ain’t working your valves right.

Chill your tits, dude. Everything is there for the taking, but you ain’t gotta take no quicker than you need to.
I understand the world is going to shit. I also understand it has always been doing so.
I remember the threat of nuclear annihilation we lived in during the 60’s and 70’s. It wasn’t a matter of “IF” but “WHEN”.
…and it never happened…
I remember reading once that back in the olden days when the crossbow was invented, that the people then saw it as a threat of annihilation the way we saw nukes in the 70’s. Likewise – It just didn’t happen.

The fact is, every day of our lives there is a new Armageddon lurking over the horizon. There are whole industries built on the concept of worrying the hell out of people about every Armageddon, and yet, not a damn one of them have come to pass. Funny thing is, we seem to almost have a need to buy into the latest and greatest tragedy. When the biggest tragedy is us, focusing on the few things that go bad in the world, and not appreciating the millions of things that have gone right.

This racial bullshit going on today is a tempest in a teapot. There have always been some shit stirrers out there stirring shit – they didn’t just land on Earth last week. The only difference now is that they are getting press. The vast majority of the rank and file human individuals who have been alive for years and years didn’t give one flying fuck about them before now, and that hasn’t changed. What HAS changed is the industry of shit stirrers has found a new product to test market, and, as with most of their products, it’s not doing so well…

The world is always changing and that hasn’t changed. But it rarely turns upside down on a dime. Most people are good and will not be swayed by bad people and all this squawking and wing flapping will result, ultimately, in ZERO birds flying.

Appreciate the fact that you are alive in this time to see history unfold as it does. History is rarely a fairy tale, but full of the bullshit one can only expect of an Imperfect Man. Look at it this way – The whole idea of history is that some bullshit is going to go down – might as well be this bullshit because if it wasn’t, it would be some other bullshit.
Bullshit is the constant. How you deal with it is the beauty of life.
There is no alternative.