DIS MAH BLAWG!!!  I started it and it is primarily for my enjoyment. I welcome comments from readers that pertain to the posts I write. Comments that are rational and thought provoking, whether they agree with me or not, are the best. Comments that are bullshit will be deleted.  The following are guidelines for determining whether a comment is bullshit or not:

  1. If you find your argument reduced to calling someone a racist, homophobe, sexist, etc. without any reasonable support for your assertion other than the fact that your target “pissed you off”, your argument is bullshit.
  2. If you find your argument reduced to calling someone a Nazi, facist, communist, socialist, tyrant, etc. and you can’t define the words or explain what trait of the aforementioned words describe your target, your argument is bullshit. All those words have rational meanings and are legitimate in a discussion, but if you are using them as pejoratives, you’re wasting my time having to read your comment and that qualifies for a bullshit comment.
  3. I harbor no racial animosity towards anyone and will not permit it on my comments. So no name calling based on race. That being said, I do harbor “cultural” animosity towards a lot of people and am willing to let it flow like honey in my comments. Example: I have nothing against Arabs but I do have a lot against anyone who would kill a teen-aged rape victim because they were raped. Not all Arabs do this, and some who do this are NOT Arabs, so I’m good with pretty much despising those who do that sort of crap and leaving all others alone.
  4. If your argument relies on defending what one person, party, organization, or other is doing or not doing by pointing out that some contrary person, party, etc. “did the same thing or worse”, your argument is PROBABLY bullshit. Example: One person complains about a president spending too much money on a social program, if your defense of that president or program is “Well the last president spent $X billion on “Y” program”, that is a bullshit argument and will probably be deleted. Stay on topic. Defend or attack the merits of the topic at hand.
  5. If you post spam or links to dating sites, get rich quick crap, etc. your comment is bullshit. Hopefully I’ll have my spam killing add on up and running soon and we won’t have to worry too much about that.
  6. It has been my experience that a thread can start out on one subject and end up on another really quickly.  I would appreciate comments being on the topic or as closely related topics as possible. If the thread gets too far afield, I will stop comments on that thread.
  7. Any comments that are obviously an attack on another commenter will be deleted. Keep to the topic at hand. If you want a flame war, I find that YouTube is a good place to get in one. Not here.
  8. Deep and insightful as they may be, comments such as “First!” and “Woot!” will probably be deleted. Unless that is, they make me laugh. Bear in mind, however, that I can be a humorless SOB so that’s a razor thin line you’re walking there.
  9. I can add to this list whenever I want to, and probably will so check back soon and check back often!

As mentioned above, this blog is for my enjoyment and should be viewed as such. It was free and fairly easy to set up which means you are free to do the same whenever you feel froggy. So if something I write or post on here upsets you, feel free to comment (but no bullshit – see above). If it upsets you too terribly much, I advise clicking the little “X” in the top right hand corner of your screen. That usually relieves those disturbing symptoms of “offense” pretty quickly. If I post on politics or religion or sociology some views that you find offensive, then you’re in the wrong place to begin with. I truly do not know what it means to be “offended” so I can not empathize. I know what the concept of the condition is and I do not TRY to offend anyone, but it seems the truth has a way of not giving a damn about the sensibilities of the easily offended and I’m in no position to try to get in between the truth and a whiner. If you get offended here by something I postulate, you might want to start your own blog.

All posts on this blog are to be considered the property of the respective copyright holder. Any original content I post should be considered my property as the copyright holder of said content. If something I post on here makes your navel wobble (in a good way) and you want to copy/paste it to another location, I would appreciate notice you are doing so, but please just give credit where credit is due.  Also, if you try to post my work to be used in any way that is contrary to what I believe in or stand for, rest assured I will be displeased and act accordingly. If it rises to the level of slander or liable, I will sue your ass. But in a friendly, respectful way. 🙂

No user serviceable parts are inside so opening the case will void any warranties express or implied unless you live in certain states where your “rights” may be different in which case you can stand on your head and whistle “Dueling Banjos” for all I care. And I do care.